About Me

My Hopes

I hope you take from my post a sense of excitement and wonder about the world. I hope you seek to learn more about Kosovo, its rich dense history. I hope you learn more about the Peace Corps and the genuine change that it yields. I hope that you feel a connection to me, as my writing style is intended to be quite personal. But, perhaps above all, I hope this blog evokes a fire inside of you to push yourself out of your comfort zone– after all life is about living.

Yeah but who are you?

My name is Chandler Williams.  Born to a small business owner for a father and a radiologist technician for a mother.  Middle child. Only son. Raised in Jacksonville, Florida, the largest city that still has a small-town kinda feel. Recent graduate from the University of North Florida with a degree in Political Science with concentration in International Relations. Avid Jacksonville Jaguars fan, although my loyalty is not rewarded through their wins. Outdoors enthusiast: backpacking, hiking, fishing preferred. Seeking a better understanding of the World and the cultures of the people who inhabit it.

   Career Goals

As a child, I always wanted to see the world.  I remember going through my grandfather’s photo slide boxes, which were littered with individual images, arranged in no particular order. Like a goodie bag, I would reach in and grab one, and after peering through I was taken to India’s Taj MaHal. Then, suddenly with my next grab, I was thrown aboard a ship looking out at the Rock of Gibraltar. These slides, and my Grandfather’s stories rooted in me a desire to go elsewhere and experience the world first hand.

But, not many careers give you the opportunity to simply go. However, there is one that does, and it does a good job at it. Enter the State Department. During my undergraduate studies, I was selected to intern with the State Department in Chengdu, China. And luckily, it opened my eyes to the life of Foreign Service Officer and gave me a career to chase after. One day, after my service in Kosovo, I plan to attend graduate school to obtain my Master of Public Administration (MPA). Upon graduation, I plan to apply for the Foreign Service.

Professional goals if everything happened how I wanted it– But you know how that goes