10– The Warmth of Winter

My first true, non-Florida winter is about to hit; It’ll be interesting


It’s getting cold here.  Unlike never cold Florida, Kosovo has a winter, and its starting real soon.  I remember the days where my threshold for cold weather was 50 degrees; long gone are those days.  The cruelest joke is how the metric system makes temperature seem all sorts of stupid.  For example, this coming week we are expecting a crisp -7 degrees Celsius (20 degrees Fahrenheit).  Reading 20 degrees hurts, but reading -7 pushes the dagger just a little deeper.  Yes, that is 30 degrees below my threshold.  Yes, I am cold most of the time.

However, in light of this cold weather, I am excited for my first season of snowfall.  I am excited to sit in a café while sipping a warm cup of tea as snowfalls just outside.  I think there is a great deal of beauty that winter brings with it.  Homes with roofs dusted in white, letting out just a glimpse of the roof which chillingly lies below.  People huddled around quaint stoves which provide the only escape from the cold that creeps through the cracks in the doors.  The snow which was carelessly placed mountain tops as if it was a cheese grated onto your dish.  There’s something warm about winter and I’m excited about it.

For those of you in Florida, reading this in your shorts and teeshirts, count your blessings.  –Love y’all




4 thoughts on “10– The Warmth of Winter

  1. I remember having a small kerosene heater that you had to sit pretty near and fill the bottle often! Got in bed really early and read a lot. It also helps to wear a warm hat to bed like the line in The Night before Christmas, “and Ma in her kerchief and I in my cap had just settled down for a long winter’s nap”


  2. Your package is on the way and should be to you in a couple days so keep warm and just think of the ball me 50 degree days you’ll be spending for Christmas here in Jacksonville love you keep up the good work we’re all proud of you stateside.


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