5- Short Stories From A Busy Man

I haven’t posted much.  Although I would like to keep you up to date with every moment of my life, the Peace Corps likes to keep us quite busy.  I figured would share with you a few things that have been filled my day­– the things that are making my time here all the more better.


I go to bed each night in fear that I will sleep through my alarm.  I think it’s a product of drinking coffee at 11 pm.  But, to my surprise, I wake up every morning at 5:15 am.  I know this moment because it’s the exact moment that the sun crawls up my body and aggressively spits its rays in my face.  At 5:15 and 1 second, I turn over in effort to avoid the light and fall back asleep. I get two hours more, and then my alarm blares at 7 am and I begin my day.  I throw on my clothes and most importantly my sandals because they make my host mom happy. I am greeted each morning by my host mom, her warm smile, and a “Good morning.” Days begin almost immediately after the caffeine from my Turkish coffee hits my brain.  I grab my bike, and the Peace Corps official helmet and head 20 minutes towards my language classes. Every morning begins the same, and every morning is great.  Kosovo makes waking up at 7 am easy.

Socks the Dog

We get Sundays off.  Sundays are the only day we get off.  This past Sunday, Father’s Day, my friends and I spent it in their village of Topanica.  We spent the day sitting atop a hill that overlooked the city.  We talked about Father’s Day, about our fathers, about loss, and about pain.  In that moment we were there for each other, but our cuddle puddle was becoming a pity party.  Suddenly, the best thing happened.  In the middle of a graveyard, a puppy appeared and attacked us with love.  Instantly, Socks shifted our misery into laughter.  I am now an Uncle to a dog named Socks.  Socks probably thought that he was lucky to have found us that day, but I truly think we were lucky he found us.


These next couple of months are packed full of stuff.  I wake up each morning at 7 am and often home at 7 pm.  I take an hour to do my homework and then share Iftar dinner with my host family.  After dinner we go to the family room and hang out, I stay there until 11 pm.  Time passes and 11 pm becomes 12 am, this is when my body decides that I should sleep.  For the next few months my blog post will be sporadic. During PST, I have decided that I must be fully present. Once I settle in I will be more able to keep up.  However, know that I am enjoying myself here.  Know that Kosovo is a beautiful place.  Know that I feel very much at home in this country.  And, most importantly, know that although I haven’t truly missed home yet, I miss the time spent with each of you.

10 thoughts on “5- Short Stories From A Busy Man

  1. Sounds like you are fitting in quite nicely. And congratulations on your new friend. you are truly missed here and trust me I’m counting down the weeks until I can see you again. Keep up the good work we’re all proud of you. Love you and keep strong!

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  2. I love the way you express yourself, Chandler. You so vividly and eloquently describe your new life; I can feel the sunshine on MY face as you describe how you are awoken each morning. I look forward to learning more about your host country and your experiences over the next two years! You’re remarkable!

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