2- “I’m Ready”

Everyone keeps asking me questions, and they all fall under the same theme: Are you ready?

In my sort of stubborn fashion, without hesitation, I answer, “Of course.” I often say nothing more, nothing less.

I’m confident in my answer.  When I look at the alternative, staying in Jacksonville, I think an important piece of my life would be suppressed– my sense wonder.  Staying in Jacksonville would be safe, easy, and for me, boring.  To stay means that I am not willing to chase my dreams.  It means that I am allowing fear to overtake me. But what is trully scarry, is staying here.  For now, my future is elsewhere, and being here should scare me.

So yes, when asked If I’m ready, in a SpongeBob SquarePants kind of attitude, I can confidently say, “I’m ready.”  I am ready for the opportunity to do something meaningful.  I am ready to meet wonderful people.  I am ready to live abroad.  I am ready to make my first step after undergrad.  I am ready for the oppurtunity to teach.  I am ready for this adventure.  But, this won’t all be easy.  So, I am also ready for the shock of a new culture, the struggle of a new language.  I welcome the inevitable lonely stints and the resilence required of me.  And for the physical distance that separates me from those who I love.

This won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile is?  My name is Chandler Williams and I am ready to become a United States Peace Corps Volunteer.

14 thoughts on “2- “I’m Ready”

  1. So awesome and well said. I hope you do catch up to your dreams and I can’t wait to follow you non your adventures. Proud of you but love you more. Safe travels.

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  2. You’ll love it, hate it, get frustrated, find joy, find anger, and find peace. It’s a huge step, but one that that you’ll grow from, just I and those with me are growing.

    You’ll do good and you’ll be great.

    One word of advice: patience!!


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  3. Good luck. The old ad for Peace Corps summed it up the best, “the toughest job you will ever love”. It stays with you the rest of your life and colors your world with so many new hues! Can’t wait to read the blogs as you have your experiences. Be safe and have the time of your life!
    Helen Covington
    RPCV, Tunisia 77-79

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  4. I am so excited to read about your journey. It is refreshing knowing there are others who are about to experience the same type of culture shock! When do you leave for Staging/PST?

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      1. Yay that’s awesome. I’m nervous as hell! Enjoy the rest of staging, your flight, and the beginning of PST! 🙂


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