1- Jacksonville Bucket List

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida.  A city where you are no more than 10 minutes away from anything you need, but always 20 minutes away from anything of interest. There is nothing exceptionally noteworthy about it, but there is a certain charm to those who are willing to search for her hidden delicacies. Since I’m moving, and don’t see myself moving back to Jacksonville anytime in the future, I have decided to make a Jacksonville themed bucket list. I highly recommend every single one of these to you guys if you’re ever in the city!

(For my non-tech savvy family: Click on the blue text to link to pictures)

The List

  1. One last cortado at Bold Bean San Marco
  2. Enjoy a San John Bocadillo and wash it down with a nitro brew at DOS
  3. Devour a Good Doughnut at Good Dough
  4. Eat a starchy treat on the patio of Community Loaves
  5. Enjoy the risotto of the day at 13 Gypsies
  6. Eat chicken korma and naan at India House
  7. Magic Kingdom with my Family
  8. A Day at the Lake House with Friends
  9. A lunch with Nana; A lunch with Little Grandaddy
  10.         Write a letter to yourself and place in one of your boxes with belongings. Open the letter in two years after service.
  11. One last serving of Mom’s Chicken-n-Dumplings

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